1) Why do you think Milkcow is such a hit in Korea?

Milkcow is a hit in Korea because it took an existing trend and brought it to another level. Organic milk ice cream was already popular in Japan before it came to Korea, and when it did, the early adopters had simple ice cream offerings. However, Milkcow came up with many interesting toppings and ice cream designs, which, due to their taste, cuteness and creativity, fascinated Koreans. For example, putting cotton candy on top of the ice cream looks really pretty but it also makes the taste unique.

2) Milkcow uses organic milk. Why is that better than regular milk?

Organic milk comes from cows that are allowed to graze on grass that is not treated with pesticides. Furthermore, the cows are not given growth hormones or antibiotics to enhance their milk yield. This makes the milk pure and free from unnatural substances that may irritate or harm the human body. Also, many people can discern the unique taste of organic milk.

3) Some people describe Milkcow as a bit pricey. What do you have to say about that?

There are two main reasons why people may get this impression. The first one is that the serving size is not big, however, this doesn’t necessarily correlate to the price. For example, expensive artisan chocolates aren’t comparable to the mass-produced ones you buy at the grocery store. The former is much smaller in quantity but is also way more expensive. It is a similar case with premium coffee. For the finer things, quality, not quantity, dictates the price.

The second reason is that people are accustomed to soft serve ice cream being cheaper compared to other ice creams. However, not all soft serves ice creams are created equal. Our ice cream is not diluted and the pureness of the taste speaks for itself. If you break down the ingredients of our soft serve and compare them to those of gelatos and other premium ice cream, we can confidently say that our raw materials cost is as high if not higher. Finally, our ice cream is handmade to ensure that we stay true to our artisan roots and that quality is not compromised. This is naturally a more expensive but worthwhile production process.

4) Apart from being organic, what else about Milkcow makes it different from other soft-serve ice cream?

Milkcow’s ice cream is the right balance of milky-ness, creaminess and sweetness. It doesn’t give you the yucky feeling you usually get after you’ve had too much dessert. I actually eat it everyday and I have to stop myself from getting second helpings!

Apart from this, each ice cream flavor is carefully thought out to ensure that the balance and contrast of the different toppings adds to the yumminess factor. We ensure that the toppings do not overpower the ice cream taste since the organic milk ice cream is the real star of the show!

5) What flavor is your personal favorite? Why?

My favorites are Milky Honey and Macao Dream. The honey is a nice contrast to the milky-ness of the ice cream. You can control the sweetness by adding as much or as little honey to each spoon of ice cream. For Macao Dream, the crunchiness of the almonds and the chewiness of the macaron are perfect compliments to the ice cream. I like that the milky taste is not overpowered and you don’t get overwhelmed with a sugary taste.

6) When do you usually crave for Milkcow?

When I wake up, after lunch, after dinner and when I want a midnight snack. I also crave for it whenever I see anything related to dairy.

M9 - Mango Tree
M9 – Mango Tree